What we do


We develop the bases so you can develop your ideas, strategies, processes, value and culture.

Ideator, guide, mentor, facilitator, we are much more than consultants

We are a new hybrid company offering consulting with a number of strategic partners to provide cutting-edge strategic innovation capabilities developing value in your organisation, service or product. 

We're professionals who have a lot of experience. We develop creative approaches, concepts and solutions for developing CO-Q - COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE in your organisation. We employ critical and conceptual thinking, collaborative intelligence and appreciative and inquiry-based learning. 


Base·Ideate is forging new directions

We are developing new processes and skills within a value development architecture. We work by developing different components – from organisational transformation needs to defining services and small data-integration by INSIGHT-BUILDING with data management frameworks, innovation processes and tools so you can be simple, smart and effective.

With many years of experience in the technical, supply chain integration and design-innovation industries, we posses a unique mix of expertise covering a very wide canvas. We engage with you to tailor our custom-designed tools to help you define your value needs, whether they be strategic, innovative or data based in optimising operations.


Base·Ideate works uniquely with strategic design, innovation, data, management consulting and strategical development. We work by narrative, guidance and strategic alignment from the top. From the bottom we delve into data, working with drivers and indicators, landscaping and reporting, helping you gain insight and develop business intelligence for road-mapping your way to your destinations.

It is in the middle our unique architecture components come into play – tailored to your challenge, project or service. We use the power of DESIGN to transform: Whether it is understanding the customer, developing new levels of experience and service, or bringing insight to the organization, any value innovation initiative needs the power of Design to transform and act quickly and effectively.