About Us

Who We Are

What strategy do we need? How do I tackle this? How do we realize our vision? Where is the market headed? How can we understand this? What are the requirements? How do we develop this? Who needs to be involved? WTF do I do next?

We’re familiar with the questions.
id8 is a strategic partnership, a think-tank and a value-innovation consultancy and solution provider. We’re business architects who use the power of design to transform, using research and strategical development. We are both design experts, data analysts and systems-thinkers with over twenty years of experience ‘in the field’.

If you have an interest in wanting to know about the way the world is changing and how to do value innovation, we can show you the way. If you have an interest in wanting to become a strategic innovator no matter how simple or complex your needs, we are developing cutting edge courses designed to that end.

We are part of new initiatives working with new strategic partners to that end. Contact mark@id8.dk to learn more.

What We Do

We love to challenge the status quo. We enable organisations, business users and projects to develop value. We develop insight and business intelligence and do so by inverting the usual way of doing things. Instead of people having to adapt to processes we promote active leadership and ownership in own processes, showing the way in our business architecture components how we can access data and make sense of patterns that may seem obscure.

Our innovation methods are based on core strategic innovation process. We adopt a hybrid approach that provides focus on developing understanding through visualisation and access to data.

What we offer

As a think-tank we are active all the time. As a guide, we are developing state-of-the-art business architecture and can offer courses in our disciplines for value innovation. We offer services guiding you through developing your Corporate Social Responsibility profiling, development of indicators. We also address the World Economic Forum's top 10 skills for 2020 and what skills are needed for your organisation:

Datacentric sensemaking

Value management & innovation

Transformation Re-thinking

Strategic Learning

Agile Business Process design

CSR  - compliance with the 17 UN SDG's as gateways for change

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