CUDO Professional Gamification

CUDO: Professional Gamification

CUDO is at the concept stage, something Mark has been working on and off during 2017.

The CUDO Story:

In a world of complexity, specialisation and not least, disruption, such new trends as Digital Transformation, Organisational Canabalisation, Personal Block Chains, Human Capital Regeneration, Collaborative Intelligence, Small Data Value, the list goes on… all point to an urgent need to unite people around specific goals, selecting and using only that which makes a route forward possible.

This is how we sort the wood from the trees and develop value that is more than a word.


Develop new tools and integrate them into existing tools ordered along a learning path, uploading gamification templates, aligning learning-by-doing strategically, defining new processes in a new age which knows neither bounds, or rules. Only meaningful supported participation.

This is where CUDO comes into the picture: CUDO is a professional gamification engine enabling value-building by accessing specific tools to specific needs based on selected learning-transformation journies.

CUDO is work in progress. Much of the central engine has already been designed, and a library of tools already aligned with new tools that have been developed… ‘

CUDO is the work of innovation architect Mark Dyson.

CUDO concept video presentation: